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Trying to find an affordable auto loan when you have bad or less than perfect credit can feel impossible.  There are many websites out there which promise Instant Approvals, but this is just not a reality.  The problem with bad credit car loans is simply affordable options. Not many exist.  Most auto loan websites out there work exclusively with one lending partner, and the interest from the bad credit rates they offer can often times end up costing you almost as much as the vehicle itself!

Auto Credit Assistance does more than just submit your application to a
lender for approval, it submits your application to MANY lending and financing
professionals who will fight for your business.

Auto Credit Assistance has worked hard to set up a network of lenders and 3rd party auto finance companies that are willing to fight for your business.  When you submit your application, we will contact at least 12 different companies with experience in processing bad credit loans and allow them to provide you with one of many available financing options.  There is no obligation to sign, and absolutely zero cost to you for applying.

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What type of auto credit assistance are you looking for?

What makes us different from other auto financing companies is we don’t get paid in any fashion by you, the customer!
 Our goal is to find financing for you, whether it be through a direct lender or a 3’rd party financing company, for the exact type of loan you are looking for.  We have set up an extensive network of partners that deal with all types of credit challenges and offer financing of many different types.  So, what kind of auto credit assistance are you looking for today?

New & Used Auto Purchase

If you are in the market for a new or used car, we may have multiple financing options available in your area. Apply today and you could receive multiple financing offers within minutes! One of the best ways to repair or build your credit is financing a new or used vehicle.  Auto Credit Assistance makes this easy by shopping your auto loan to multiple financing professionals to provide you the choice of financing terms.  There is absolutely NO OBLIGATION to accept any offers made to you by the financier(s).

Refinancing Your Current Auto Loan

Depending on the age and current mileage of your car or truck, you may be eligible for a refinance loan. Refinancing your vehicle to a lower interest loan can save you a lot of money in the long term by lowering your interest rate or monthly payments. Depending on your refinance type, you may also be eligible to skip your loan payments for up to 60 days, and/or receive cash-back to be used on whatever you wish.   Your lower monthly payment could be just a few clicks away.

Lease Buy-Out Options

If you are coming to the end of your lease, there are options to you to keep your monthly payments low and avoid paying costly penalties. A lease buy-out can keep your keys and your cash where they belong, in your pocket! Leasing a vehicle is a nice way for some people to own the vehicle they want while at the same time keeping the payments low.  But when it’s time to return that vehicle, the penalty for mileage overage can often be too much.  With a lease buy-out you can turn the rent you’ve been paying into equity.

Purchasing from a Private Party

Getting financed to buy a car or truck from a friend, or one you find online can be difficult. Local banks and lenders often make you jump through extra hoops before deciding on your loan. Why should buying from a 3rd party be any different than purchasing from an auto dealership?  Often times a private party purchase is considered the same as a “cash loan” from your local bank, and your payments and interest rate suffer because of it. Auto Credit Assistance can get you approved as a new/used car buyer.

Approvals Available For ALL Credit Types!