Purchasing Your Leased Vehicle


Avoid Mileage And Other Fees

Purchasing your leased vehicle can save you money on mileage overages and other fees associated with the original lease contract.

Keep The Vehicle You Love

For many, purchasing your vehicles lease isn’t about saving money, but keeping the car or truck you have come accustomed to.

Keeping Your Monthly Payments Low

Spreading out the remaining purchase cost on a new loan can keep your payments low, giving you more spending money than starting over on a new lease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Knowing if buying out your current lease is the right move can be tricky,  So here are some of our most frequently asked questions from vehicle lease customers just like yourself.

What "fees" will I have to pay when I turn in my car?
Check your contract, but the main fee that customers seem to come across all the time are for mileage overages.  Every lease is written under the assumption that only a certain of mileage will be put on the vehicle. When turning it in, there can be a per-mile fee for anything over the number on the agreement.
If I buy my lease, will I have to pay the "blue book" price?
That depends on if you buy it from the original leaser, or get a loan through a different financial institution.  When signing your lease agreement through a dealership, there is a “full purchase price” associated with the vehicle.  If you then buy it out from the dealer, the difference between the purchase price and the amount you’ve already paid in will be the new loan amount.  *The purchase price can be negotiated with the dealership before signing the lease.
What if I want to turn in my vehicle lease early?
Early termination fees can, and probably will, apply.  The most common early lease termination fees include remaining payments, early termination fees, and dealership fees they charge for preparing the vehicle for sale or transport.

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