Refinancing Your Current Auto Loan


Save Money Every Month

Refinancing your current auto loan can save you money by lowering your current interest rate, spreading out your loan to lower payments, or BOTH!

Know When It's Time

If you have an above average interest rate, and you haven’t missed any payments on your current loan, you are a prime candidate for a refinance.  Save money by cutting your monthly payments and lowering your interest rate.

Skip Payments Up To 2 Months

Some lenders when accepting refinance loans allow the customer to skip up to 2 months of payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Knowing whether it’s a good time to refinance, or even if a refinance is the right move for you, can be a difficult task. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions from auto refinance customers just like yourself.

How long before I can refinance my current loan?
There is no set amount of time before you can refinance your current auto loan.  Because most of the interest in any financing loan is paid early on, often times refinancing early can save you the most money on your monthly payments.
How new does my car have to be?
This all depends on the make and model of vehicle you are looking to refinance, but the typical answer is 8 years.  Most lenders cut off refinancing options once the vehicle eclipses 8 years of age.
Can I get cash back To pay off other debt?
YES!  In fact, this is one the leading reasons for auto refinancing.  As long as your vehicles value coincides with the amount the lender has outstanding, any extra can be taken as a cash back.  Keep in mind, some lenders may charge a fee, or slightly raise your rate for cash-back refinancing.

Approvals Available For ALL Credit Types!